Cost-Effective Series RF Attenuators / Dummy Loads for 5G Launched!


With widespread use of 5G communication systems, cost of indoor signal transmission and network layout remains high. Centron RF Microwave hopes to contribute to comprehensive coverage of 5G in both developed and developing countries globally. We have launched cost-effective high-power RF attenuator / dummy load series. These RF attenuators are in high quality with great performance

Our new RF Attenuators / Dummy Load series namely the CE series suitable for extensive use in 5G network engineering projects.

Cost-Effective Series RF Attenuators / Dummy Loads for 5G Launched! 4

Centron RF Attenuator Design

Compared to our classic series and high frequency series products,the new CE series is a series of 3800MHz,100 Watts or 200 Watts N-Type dummy loads and attenuators.Mainly aimed at mass use in network construction projects that require low cost and high quality.We adopt integrated design, resulting in a daily production capacity of thousands of this series of products. We have also redesigned the heat sink to minimize costs for our customers while ensuring heat dissipation performance.

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Cost-Effective Series RF Attenuators / Dummy Loads for 5G Launched! 5

Centron RF Attenuator Popularity

1500 units of the 3800MHz dummy loads belonging to this series have been delivered to China Tower, large state-owned communication tower infrastructure service enterprise in China.We have also received an order of 3000 units of 100W and 200W 30dB attenuators of this series from India.

To learn more about the CE series pseudo load/attenuator, please feel free to contact us at any time

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