Coaxial Surge Arresters: Protecting Your Equipment from Power Surges

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Coaxial surge arresters are a type of surge protection device that is used to protect electronic devices and equipment from power surges caused by lightning strikes or other electrical disturbances. They are typically installed in coaxial cables, which are used to transmit high-frequency signals such as those used in radio, television, and internet communications.

Coaxial surge arresters work by shunting the excess voltage from the surge to ground, protecting the equipment from damage. They are designed to handle high levels of current and voltage, and are typically rated for a specific surge current and energy handling capacity.

There are two main types of coaxial surge arresters: gas discharge tube (GDT) surge arresters and metal oxide varistor (MOV) surge arresters. GDT surge arresters use a gas-filled tube that ionizes when a surge occurs, creating a low-impedance path to ground. MOV surge arresters use a metal oxide varistor that becomes conductive when a surge occurs, shunting the excess voltage to ground.

Coaxial surge arresters are essential components in many systems, including telecommunications, broadcasting, and data centers. They are typically installed at the equipment interface or at the entry point of the coaxial cable to protect against surges that can damage expensive equipment or cause downtime.

When selecting a coaxial surge arrester, it is important to consider the frequency range, insertion loss, and surge handling capacity. The arrester should be selected based on the specific application and the maximum surge energy that may be encountered.

In summary, coaxial surge arresters are a critical component in protecting electronic equipment from power surges. They are designed to handle high levels of current and voltage, and are available in different types and ratings to suit various applications. By investing in quality coaxial surge arresters, you can ensure that your equipment is protected and operate reliably even in the face of electrical disturbances.